I believe that good design caters to the delights of craft while Great Design serves the yearning soul. I uphold that throughout our works we must first consider the stewardship of our planet; pausing to witness it's past, it's struggles, and it's people. I cherish the gifted burden of architects, to seek a giving back, to nurture and sustain of the world which first cradled us. Through these I seek to help build a brighter horizon for us all.
      I have been designing and building structures, tools, solutions, or systems most of my life. Growing up on a small scale sustainable farm educated in many different directions from permaculture and aquaponics to building renovation and a practical knowledge of structural integrity.

-Ayla Lübben, multi-disciplinary design

Neighborhood Resource Building

My most relevant work, this project created and presented inside of a month pulled on a wide number of my design communication tools and abilities. In bringing tangibility to the design I leveraged 360 photography, site research analysis, various CAD and rendering tools, as well as a virtual reality headset. You will find a QR code to the project story book on the last image.

Elevator Fabrication, R&D - 2017

Prior to my focuses on design and architecture, I spend two years as a fabricator working with engineers on custom elevator R&D solutions. Over a two year period I grew from an unskilled steel worker to one of their most effective fabricators. This led to me creating and implementing solutions for a demonstration showpiece that would be shipped internationally. Shortly there after opportunities for growth and learning slowed, resulting in my pivot to design studies. Today I value the broader perspective and experience it has provided towards developing informed design solutions.

Art & Culture, Rotunda & Plaza

This exterior massing & environment project gives attention to the all important considerations of urbanity. The design seeks to provide a service of revitalization amidst urban renewal, rebuilding central to a number of blocks. Nearby residence and small business have access to event space, leisure, and social initiatives through the form and organization it provides.

Models, Woodworking, & Craft

For many a year I have been accustomed to working with my hands. This not only gifted an attention to detail but also the patience it requires. These are a few of my models, crafts, and projects in a variety of mediums that best represent the breadth of my experience.

Wearable Technologies Design

In diversifying my design practice I have recently joined efforts with a small team of engineers and a Summit attendee. Together we seek to bring wise and fulfilling meaning into our modern lives through wearable tech solutions. We believe it is not only important to understand how our most pivotal tools impact lives, but also that our best ones should equally able us to understand needs and enrich life experiences.
Loving what you do:

Leaning into an act so deeply as though an extension of ones being, in so doing radiating a contagious passion from which the spark of another's soul can not help from becoming kindled toward the path of day lit dreams.